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Image of A Map of Good Conversation

A Map of Good Conversation


Both a striking print and an interesting talking point, this map of conversation features 52 questions charted along a subway map in five colour-coded lines. Designed to encourage intriguing and fun conversations, it takes a journey from small talk right through to the deeper questions of life whilst also stopping off at friends, family, fun and games.

Five colour coded lines include: Small Talk, Fun & Games, Family & Friends, Going Deeper and Personality & Self.

Some examples of questions include:
What would be your perfect weekend?
What were the best crazes or fashion trends during your childhood?
Are you an introvert, an extrovert, or neither?
What would your superpower be?
How has your upbringing shaped who you are today?
Has any event in your life defied explanation?

Printed on thick 180gsm paper with a matte finish, the poster comes unframed, carefully wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in a durable protective postal tube. 

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